Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coconut Pecan Coffee Cake

First official post, shall we say? I decided it was about time I made something from the baking book I got for Christmas (Anyone Can Bake). Its the ultimate beginners baking book (it answers questions like what is butter? what is a spatula?), and though I don't consider myself a beginner, its still pretty interesting. They have three levels for recipes, easy, intermediate, and hard. This particular Coconut Pecan Coffee Cake was a level 2 recipe, so intermediate. It consists of a sour cream coffee cake base. You put half of the batter in a springform pan, sprinkle on top half the crumble, cover with remaining batter, then remaining crumble. It was delicious. Cake isn't my thing, but who can resist a delicious, buttery crumble? With coconut, pecans, and chocolate chips at that!
This post is a fast one, that I'm hurriedly writing before I run to a musical performance I'm in. See, in two days, I am going to China! Its a performing arts tour my schoool and 3 other schools in the district are putting on. There's a performance at a school in Shanghai, and we're giving a farewell performance here, today. I'm singing. I hate singing. Oh well, you can barely hear the singers over the band anyways!
It seems I'm going to have to try to post regularly after I return in 2 weeks (Spring Break). I'm not giving up on this blog yet!

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